Wedding Sand Ceremony

21 Nov

A wedding is a type of ceremonial process that can be said to mark the beginning of one's love life. If you are doing a wedding, you will want to make it special because for most people, it's only a onetime thing. There are a lot of traditions that are incorporated by many in a wedding. Such traditions make a wedding special and meaningful. You only need to do one to that will also involve your families.

Another name for the wedding sand ceremony is Unity Sand Ceremony. A wedding sand ceremony is meant to unify the couples and makes them one. To the beach themed wedding, it is a perfect complement. To all other wedding ceremony unifying traditions, the wedding sand ceremony presents a more personalized alternative.

In the wedding sand ceremony, the sand is used to show the union of the groom and the bride. As is tradition, two colors are used. The first color will be for the bride which symbolizes her love and affection, and the next color is for the groom also symbolizing his love and affection. This means that two separate vials of the sand will be available. Know more here!

When the bride and groom do their exchange of rings, what follows is that they come together in a colorless vial. To symbolize their unity as husband and wife, they together pour their sand in this colorless vase. As you would expect, an intertwined pattern is formed by the different colors of the sand. This pattern will now represent their newly formed union. The vase in which the sands are poured will symbolize the fact that marriage contains all.

As mentioned earlier, wedding sand ceremonies can also involve the parents of those to be married. In other ceremonies, they may have a separate colorless vase for the parents where the sand they pour will symbolize the newly formed unity of the two families.

The ceremony makes your wedding colorful. After all, has been done, it will give you a sense of importance and remind you how special your wedding was. It also gives your partner's parents a sense of belonging since you chose to involve them in your ceremony. To know more about the benefits of wedding sand, visit

Every part of the wedding needs to be carefully planned to the last minute detail. There are essentials to a wedding so as you plan, make sure you got that shopping list well selected. These ceremonies are now becoming more popular, and therefore the items needed are easily found. You can even do your shopping online, view more here!

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